Product Development

If you are launching a new range, great product development is crucial. At our UK based cosmetic manufacturing facility we help small and large businesses develop beauty products that meet their customers’ needs. We help oversee the entire beauty product development process, offering you peace of mind and quality control. Whether you require shampoo and haircare, or face masks and serums, our cosmetic chemists can help bring your vision to life.

Cosmetic product development

If you are looking to develop a beauty brand with products that stand out, you have come to the right place. Whether you have a full brief of a skincare product you want to create, or you have an idea for new cosmetics, our team will endeavour to develop the best formula possible. Working closely with you to produce a high-quality sample, our skincare experts will explore ingredient requirements, product texture and appearance to make a product as special as your brand. We pride ourselves on being a leading cosmetic product development company offering unique service and solutions to the beauty industry.


Skincare product development

Thanks to our vast experience in skincare product development, our team can help with blending complex formulas backed by science. Created by specialists, your skincare products are in expert hands when you choose 83 Associates. Perhaps you want to create skincare targeting specific skin conditions such as eczema or rosacea, or you simply want a cleanser that removes all trace of dirt and makeup? Whatever your requirements, no job is too niche or unusual for the team at 83 Associates.


Beauty and cosmetic product development process

The beauty product development process is one we have perfected following years of experience. Our team will work with your product concept, either helping to expand on what you have or taking a full brief to meet strict requirements. We will need to know how you want the product to feel, the way it should look, its efficacy, what it should be able to do and any specific ingredient requirements you may have. You do not need to know all of this in advance as our beauty experts will discuss your options with you.

The next stage is product formulation. Based on your requirements, we will produce samples ready for testing. All products formulated at 83 Associates will meet and exceed minimum legal requirements. Samples that successfully pass our in-house tests will be sent out for your approval. We are also able to offer full support with your packaging needs. If your products are being manufactured to be sold globally, we are also able to support with country-specific packaging and labelling requirements if required.

Once the beauty product samples are approved, the next step is compliance testing. This will include challenge, stability and micro-testing plus any further tests deemed necessary. Our team of experts can also offer support with any other market regulations that may be required. Once these steps are complete, your product is ready for full production. A version of your finalised cosmetic or skincare sample will be retained to be used as a specification reference for all future production runs. Your product is then ready for the best bit – to go to market!


Creative Design

Our creative design services are undertaken by experts in the beauty and skincare field. We know that packaging and branding is key to a product’s success. As such, we are able to help with beauty branding and packaging requirements, offering you a full cosmetics manufacturing solution. Keeping every element of your product with us, from product creation through to branding, helps to ensure your launch runs smoothly and your vision is realised.

Our team can support you with cosmetic branding ideas and can help with special requirements such as arranging eco-friendly and biodegradable cosmetics labelling in the UK and beyond. At 83 Associates, we have vast experience in the skincare and cosmetics sector spanning a wide variety of markets. With a strong background in luxury beauty built through the creation of our own ranges, we are able to help you get to the heart of your target customer; providing creative design that really reflects your brand.

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