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Our primary brand is Q7PARIS, a premium range of safe, effective, and affordable beauty and skincare lines. Focused on offering skin care, personal care, cosmetics and beauty products that will specifically help answer the skincare needs of people of colour while staying relevant to people from all walks of life, The Q7PARIS brand, popularly known by fans around the world as “Q7”,  already has a large share of the specialised skin lightening market across Africa, America, Australia and Europe. Established in 2011, 83 Associates is continuously evolving; developing products that stand the test of time. From a Baby skin range through to targeted skincare, our brands work hard to provide effective, safe, and affordable skincare to meet customer needs.

At 83 Associates we only create products we truly believe in. We pride ourselves on being a reputable and safe beauty manufacturers in the UK. In addition to offering private label skincare and cosmetic manufacturing for small and established businesses, we also love our creations so much, we put our name on them! Explore our beauty brands below…


Q7 Paris encompasses everything we stand for; our products are all safe, effective, and affordable. Containing everyday staples such as micellar water, almond oil and toners, the luxurious Q7 Paris brand has been created with our customers at its heart. Q7 Paris also creates targeted skincare including skin lightening solutions to help manage skincare concerns such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, sun and age spots. The Q7 Paris range is consistently evolving to meet the needs of our customers, with invigorating shower gels, powerful serums, and moisturising lotions in the range catering for every skin type. Our popular carrot lightening products use potent ingredients specially formulated by chemists. Backed by science, the Q7 Paris skincare ranges contain paraben free skincare, products for sensitive skin and targeted solutions for a variety of skincare concerns.

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Q7 Paris Brand

Q7Paris Baby

The Q7 Paris Baby range has been specially created for delicate skin. Formulated to be kind to little ones, the Q7 Paris Baby range contains everything parents need for their new arrival. From baby bodywash and nappy rash butter to shampoos, all in unique soft scents, the Q7 Paris baby products are suitable for the whole family.

As a skincare manufacturer, we understand that delicate skins need extra care. Fortified with clinically proven ingredients, the Q7 Paris Baby range is the ultimate in relaxing care. Created to meet the needs of busy parents who want trusted, safe formulas for babies and toddlers, the Q7 Paris Baby range has been developed with baby’s routine and a modern family lifestyle in mind.

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Q7 Baby Brand

Q7Paris Luminaire

The brand new Q7 Paris Luminaire range is the product of many years working closely with Q7 Paris customers. This set of science backed skin lightening and brightening solutions have been created to provide a full skincare routine for those wanting highly targeted skincare. Developed following customer feedback, the Luminaire range products can be used as powerful standalone products or for extra potency, as a full skincare routine. The Luminaire range has been created with luxury and indulgence at the core of every product.

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Q7Paris Luminaire Brand

Q7Paris Aloe Vera

Formulated as a solution to common skin complaints; the Q7 Paris Aloe Vera products have been tried and tested to help provide instant soothing to skin overexposed to the sun’s rays. Instantly cooling the effects of sunburn and redness, the Q7 Paris Aloe Vera gels have been created in a variety of scents and offerings to fit with our company ethos of producing hard working products suitable for everyday use. Listening to our customers and building brand loyalty is at the heart of what we do; boasting the finest quality ingredients, this new launch is a much-requested addition to the Q7 Paris brand. So, whether you require a rapid relief to burns and cuts, need to soothe your sensitive skin, or perhaps you are just looking for the many goodness of Aloe Vera to the skin, there is one for you.

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Aloe Vera Brand